Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Parijatha: Best place to buy concrete block making machine

Present day innovation spares the noteworthy expense in delivering fantastic building development material utilizing cutting edge machines. Parijatha is a regarded name for CONCRETE BLOCK MAKING MACHINE that is adaptable, general and dependable. Specialists, temporary workers, and developers lean toward them as a result of fundamental quality and continuous generation. The machines are perfect for substantial development destinations with mass creation limit.

Why to buy CONCRETE BLOCK MAKING MACHINE from Parijatha?
Despite the fact that the solid has been utilized as a part of development from ages, the utilization of ready-made solid pieces is the most recent pattern. As development interest increments around the world, there is a requirement for fast and effective methods for creating building material. Thus, these machines get to be significant in current developments. Parijatha square making machines are favored in light of the fact that:
·         They can create an assortment of sizes for raising different structures.
The solid pieces broadly enhance the nature of development since they are precisely same in measurements.
·         They can be altered utilizing solid mortar like customary blocks.
·         The pieces made by square making machines are solid
·         They can be utilized for inside and outside development.
·         The pieces can be made waterproof utilizing substance preparing.
·         They are harsh, smooth, and textured surfaces for making embellishments.
·         Plain, geometrical examples or flower plans can be embellished utilizing solid square making machine from Parijatha.
The propelled machines produce obstructs in mass amount with a uniform quality and flawlessness. They bring a variety of advanced electronic and pneumatic-controlled machines that suffice the necessities of an assortment of uses. It is conceivable to create squares of a few sizes and shapes. Great quality solid blocks are sought after, and you get the best quality material at reasonable costs.

Sorts of Concrete Block Making Machine
They convey a wide assortment of machines to satisfy needs of customers. Every one of them is made with amazing exactness and quality control.
·         Self-loader Machines: They are anything but difficult to work, steady, and durable. They deliver pieces of various sizes and shapes in mass numbers. They are sensibly valued and very helpful and valuable for little and medium class development organizations or manufacturers.

·         Auto ramming machines: These machines can deliver strong squares with unbelievably fast. We have models that can deliver more than 100 pieces for every hour. The machines are strong and tough.

·         Pressure driven machines: They are favored for straightforwardness and accommodation. They are unreasonable, however high generation limit makes them savvy for mass creation.

With different models of amazing quality Concrete square making machine, Parijatha is the favored merchant. We ensure that every machine satisfies quality standards and brings ideal execution for our customers since they merit the best esteem for cash!

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Friday, 26 February 2016

Make in India, Build Your Future By Producing Concrete Block

Make in India is a hot topic today as the Government of India encourages indigenous production, research, and development of goods to make the economy self-sufficient and strong. Experts say that it is the right time for startup companies. Entrepreneurs should get the benefit of several schemes and facilities offered by the government. It is required to look at the market and produce something which is in great demand.

With the boom in the realty sector, construction companies, and builders are looking for good quality raw material at reasonable rates. Concrete blocks play a pivotal role in building construction process by making the task easy and fast. It is possible to produce flawless blocks using state-of-the-art ConcreteBlock Making Machine. These machines are efficient and productive. Since they reduce the need for human resources, they are profitable in the long term. Parijatha is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all varieties of block making machines.

The business is just right for cautious entrepreneurs
It is always preferred to be a risk-taker if you want to conquer new heights in the business; there is no harm if you are a vigilant person who wants to move ahead slowly and steadily. Concrete block business is apt for you. The infrastructure requirement and initial cost are low and the product is always in demand. Since the concrete block is the fundamental need of a construction business, it is a fast moving item.

Parijatha has a wide spectrum of machines to choose from. Clients give their requirement specs to match with the machine details so that the best suitable machine can be supplied. Ranging from the basic machine that can produce 100 blocks per day, there are specialized automated machines with a production capacity of 1000 blocks per day or more. It completely depends on the users what type of machine they are interested in?

You pay more for a machine; you get more!
It is a fact that the more money one puts in the manufacturing infrastructure, higher is the output. A fully automatic machine not only produces high quality blocks fast, but also accepts a variety of mixtures of cement concrete. From interlock blocks to designer blocks, anything can be made using the machine. The machine is fully automated with electronic controls. Hence, there is no need for appointing skilled human resources. A semi-skilled (or even unskilled) person can also operate it without trouble. If you order the machine from good quality suppliers like Parijatha, then there is no worry of support and guidance.  The team is more than eager to help you out.

Making concrete blocks is a good startup business when you have an efficient Concrete Block Making Machine in hand. Regardless of the location (whether you start it in a small or medium scale town or a metro city); you can fulfill the demand of clients across the country. You need to tie-up with local dealers who receive bulk orders from builders. Once you establish credibility about product quality and dispatch, sky’s the limit!

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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Concrete Block Machine earns good profit for small and medium vendors

Small and medium scale business opportunities have huge business prospects with the economic boost. Starting a part-time or full-time business is easy nowadays due to relaxed norms by financial institutions. A Concrete Block Making Machine is so manageable and handy that you can install it in the backyard and start a small-scale business with limited resources. Since the costs are not as much of, there is a limited financial exposure. Even first-time entrepreneurs also have a little risk of losing money.

Concrete blocks are in high demand due to increasing construction projects. Suppliers like Parijatha have a long list of clientele spread across geographies.

Efficient machines reduce overhead costs
Concrete blocks are always in demand for small and huge construction projects. They do not go out of style, and there are always ready clients for the same. When a premium quality Concrete Block Making Machine produces perfect blocks, it is possible to keep operational costs under control.  Parijatha is a low-cost supplier with supreme quality machines that produce excellent output.  With stringent quality norms, they can offer blocks of equal size and weight.

Handmade molds are made of plastic and metal. Concrete mix is poured in the blocks and kept out to dry. It is possible to make around 100 blocks per day using a manual system. Mechanical devices increase productivity manifold.

Automated machines can turn out hundreds of blocks on a daily basis so that big assignments can be fulfilled. Several providers offer different makes and models of block making machines with different production capacity. The more production capacity of a machine is, higher is the cost efficiency. Good commercial machines can turn out more than 800 blocks in a working day.

Concrete blocks are useful in a variety of industries
Concrete blocks are required in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and ornamental usages. Since they are available in different sizes, designs and patterns; architects and engineers use them for construction projects.  A Concrete Block Making Machine is an essential component in the modern world.

Those who want to earn good profits by selling multiple types of concrete blocks can purchase machines from conventional as well as online vendors like Parijatha. If you are in search of a good business that can earn healthy profits, then it is an intelligent move to start a block making unit. The market is quite prolific and flourishing. Build a big business by offering quality building blocks.

Monday, 16 November 2015

An Interaction With Mr. Jayaram Ramesh,MD, Parijatha Machinery

Question 1: Competition has been getting more intense by the day in the concrete block making machinery market segment. Broadly speaking what have been the key attributes that have helped Sree Parijatha emerge as a front runner in this competitive field?

Answer 1: As you have mentioned there are more number of players in the market than it was a few years ago.  But, the key attributes to Parijatha's success like simple and easy to use machines with quality and robustness, have remained the same. Also, as the market has seen Parijatha's continuous focus towards innovative ideas which suit the Indian market have added value to our customers who have steadfastly stood by us over the years.

Question 2: You offer a wide array of concrete block making machinery. What are the new products that you have recently added to your product line up?

Answer 2: Yes, Parijatha has the widest range of machines for the precast Industry in India and probably in many markets around the world. Apart from the basic Vibro press technology to hermatic presses, Wet press for manufacture of high density products and complete lines for wet cast production, Parijatha has everything in its stable. Now, Parijatha on popular demand has launched the Large board Vibro press called the "BLOCK MASTER" which is capable of producing Blocks, paving and kerbs in large numbers to meet the requirements of medium sized and larger Block plants with consistent demand for such products.

Question 3: Tell us about your recent R&D achievements?

Answer 3: Parijatha has mentioned earlier is innovating continuously to meet the customers’ demands.  Regarding our R&D achievements, the Three station press which is very successful in the market has been the result of Parijatha's in house development efforts.  Also, most recently the Single Mould Wet press developed by parijatha has unique features which is the first in the industry, like modular hydraulic system which make it very compact and maintenance free.  Also, the improved electricals, take off system and pneumatic systems are the first in the industry which has helped us gain immense popularity in the market.

 Question 4: Give us a brief overview of your recent plant installations?

Answer 4: Parijatha has recently installed plants all over India and abroad. But the most notable of them to name a few are the Namma Metro, Plants to recycle slag in steel plants in India and abroad. The most recent plant in USA to manufacture slabs is one of its kind.

 Question 5: India was relatively late in using fly ash as compared to the developed world. Then once the material became popular, there was criticism about how a large quantity goes waste due to inefficient distribution? Are you satisfied with the utilization of fly ash in the country at present?

 Answer 5: Though fly ash utilization has improved over the years, reaching smaller end users has always been a gray area. The poor infrastructure in most smaller towns and producing locations have made it very expensive and time consuming for them to use in large number. To make fly as use more viable cost of transportation should reduce by way of better connectivity and support from local bodies which is largely lacking and looks far from getting resolved in the near future.

 Question 6: India is on the verge of a precast revolution. How are you positioned to take advantage of this rise in demand of precast components?

Answer 6: The use of precast concrete technology and its popularity is long overdue in a country like India which has a huge potential in terms of its cost benefits and improved quality. Much has to be done in the area of consumer awareness, acceptability in Government projects and departments without which its use will be limited. Thankfully the demand has risen though not in the pace it should have.  However, I am optimistic precast technology will be accepted and used in the future. We have future plans to provide plant and machinery for manufacture of hollow core roof slabs, precast wall panels for low cost housing, precast drains and box drains and a whole lot of related items

 Question 7: Factors such as aftermarket services, availability of spares and dealer network have emerged as key differentiating factors these days. How is Sree Parijatha placed on these fronts?

Answer 7: Parijatha has a team of well trained and experienced technicians who take care of the installation and commission of the machines, timely servicing and consulting Also, we have set a unique "service cell" which is a one stop solution for all the customer's after sales needs. Parijatha with its vast experience in this field also provides consulting on how to set up the plant, choosing the right equipment and related accessories. Also PARIJATHA provides the necessary mix design and other important techniques who help produce the best possible product with the minimum cost.

 Question 8: What are your future expansion plans?

Answer 8: Parijatha will open a bigger production hall for fabrication and assembly, to cater to its increasing needs due to our increased range of machines and models.Also, parijatha is now collaborated with German companies to sell speciality admixtures particularly for the precast industry. Also sealants and surface protection chemicals which in one of its kind in India will be launched at the Excon. The most sophisticated spraying and drying systems in collaboration with BM Anlagenbau of germany will be launched at the Excon which is a crucial part of our expansion plans.

 Question 9: The construction equipment industry has been passing through some times in the recent past. There are now some green shoots of economic revival that are being seen. As someone who is watching the industry from close quarters what do you feel are the prospects of the industry in the immediate future?

Answer 9: Infrastructure development is among the primary drivers of the economy. I always have opined that focus and thrust should be on development of quality infrastructure which in turn is a catalyst to a wide swathe of other related industries/sectors which has helped economies across the world irrespective of the region come out of tough times. This should be exactly what the government should be doing at this moment but sadly in spite of a formidable war chest earned by low oil prices and other revenues is not using it for this crucial sector like infrastructure. Hopefully good sense prevails on the lawmakers to focus on this crucial sector which is turn is good news for quality equipment manufacturers.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Why do manufacturers need different types of concrete block making machines?

ConcreteBlock Making Machine is an automated device that can produce blocks of even size and shape. Production capacity of the machines is high, and they are cost-effective in the long run. As a result, they are in great demand. Different types of machine are available for users.
Concrete Block Making Machine

Stationary Block Making Machine
Stationary machines are acclaimed for incredibly good quality output. They can produce up to 5 blocks per stroke. Nowadays, there is a great demand for 8 inch blocks because they offer good strength and economy. However, these machines can produce 4 and 6 inch blocks also. Quality and finishing of blocks is amazingly good. Hence, they get sold at good price. The machine is sturdy and maintenance-free. Reputed dealers like Parijatha offer excellent machines that work relentlessly for years. People have been using them for 10 to 15 years without any trouble.  

Egg Laying Type Concrete Block Making Machine

This machine is useful when you have a separate drying space. Egg laying machines are also quite productive and sturdy. They can produce up to 10 blocks per stroke, and the dimension of blocks varies from 4 inches to 8 inches. The valves and hydraulic hose are the most important parts. Hence, they should be of high quality. These machines produce high-quality blocks with a less maintenance. However, buyers must ensure that the machine has indigenous parts, and they get replaced fast.  Parijatha supplies machines with replacement guarantee in the rare event of any trouble.

Hydraulic hollow block making machines
Parijatha also offers hydraulic machines with quite production capacity. These machines are egg laying type and mobile type both. They can be used for producing blocks on a concrete floor also. Due to high-quality material and imported pump panel boards or accessories, the durability is quite high. These machines are very versatile, and multiple types of concrete blocks can be made. These smart machines are configurable and can have molds of varying sizes and shapes. Though it is costly, the performance efficiency compensates the money.

When people need a good quality concrete block making machine, they contact Parijatha. Not only Tamil Nadu but anywhere in the country, they are known for reliability, genuineness, and great customer service. The demand for block making machines shows an increasing trend. These blocks are economical and convenient. They offer a great strength to the building as compared to conventional stuff. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Paver Block Machine- For High Defined Construction Works

The Paver BlockMachine is an excellent option to construct blocks of intricate patterns. This is an automatic machine that can effectively manufacture various kinds of blocks such as building blocks, paving block,kerb stones, and more. Blocks that are useful for carrying quality construction works can be easily manufactured with the help of such machines.
These machines are not only high performing but are based on extensive knowledge and engineered with great precision. These machines possess extremely high standards and hold the ability to meet international quality needs. The machines possess robust construction and offer ease of operation and simplicity. The best thing about such machines is that they are not only economical but are also very convenient to maintain. They even don’t involve hefty maintenance cost. These are easy to operate units as most of their functioning is automated. For this reason, anevensemi-skilled person can employ these units with great ease.
There is an exclusive face mix or feed box offered within the Paver block machine. So as a result, the empty pallets move automatically while the manufactured block is discharged instantly. Another great feature of these devices is the powerful Hydraulic unit that enables the machine to work efficiently, even under harsh conditions. The electrical unit of this machine consists of a PLC control unit, which is further inbuilt with an operator panel. It, therefore, allows the machine to get adjusted to meet different requirements depending on the products to be manufactured in the machine. There is also an additional operator panel provided in the machine that helps to monitor the production on aregular basis.
All components and parts of the Paver block machine are efficiently designed and need less maintenance and lubrication. With so many great features, these machines can offer long lasting functionality and high-performance level under all sorts of situations.

Concrete Block Making Machines

Engineers, builders, and contractors who want complete precision and high-quality in their work must employ efficient concrete block making machines to meet such construction needs. Although, raw concrete is useful for constructing building elements such as beams, columns, and more, using concrete blocks is the novel trend.
The uniform dimensions and excellent strength offered by these blocks make them most suitable units to employ for all kinds of construction work. These blocks are obtainable in anextensive range of sizes and, therefore, no matter what size of wall one wants to build, the task is pretty much easy with theuse of these blocks. Even using these concrete blocks is also very much convenient. They can be comfortably fixed with theuse of cement mortar and placed equally like bricks to have smooth and error-free construction work.  The reason to why these blocks host equal size is that they are manufactured with theuse of computerized machines only.
There are anupgrade and modern concrete block making machines that function with theuse of computer-aided technology. For this reason, the end resulted blocks offered by them are highly accurate and are of exceptionally good quality. Moreover, these machines are available in avariety of forms. Semi-automatic layering machine, auto ramming machine, and hydraulic operated machines are the primary form of block machines that are available these days. Exceptional quality raw material is used for manufacturing concrete blocks with thehelp of these machines.
 One can even use different kinds of raw materials for making distinct types of concrete blocks make bricks that can be used to cater various applications.So, whether you are a builder or a constructor, if you want to secure qualitative workand accurate blocks to meet your requirements, then employing best quality concrete block making machinescan be the most eminent option.